Alfa Romeo 4C concept

Alfa Romeo 4C to arrive in U.S. months earlier than expected

The production date of the Alfa Romeo 4C has been moved up and will arrive in the U.S. much sooner than expected.

As we reported here in April, Maserati will begin building the Alfa Romeo 4C at their Modena Italy plant along side their flagship Gran Turismo coupe and convertible models. According to the good folks over at Auto Car, insiders are saying the much anticipated Alfa Romeo 4C launch date will be moved up and will be officially unveiled next summer here in the U.S.

It was originally thought that the Alfa Romeo 4C would take its bow at the 2014 Detroit Auto show in January. But this is welcome news for those who have long waited for the return of Alfa Romeo to North America. The Italian mid-engined sports car that made its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, looks like it will be arriving six-months ahead of schedule.

Is a North American plant in the works?


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