Racing Prius

Toyota Dream Build NASCAR design Prius takes shape

Toyota Racing's Dream Build Challenge token electron burner starts to come together under Clint Boyer's guidance

When Toyota created its Dream Build program to highlight its racing series it made sense to include a 2013 Toyota Camry and a Tundra. Both of these are vehicles that race in NASCAR racing series supported by Toyota Racing programs. A Sequoia was added and that can be fun because a V8 with forced induction and all-wheel drive is always fun. But a Prius? Why? Maybe because the Prius brand (not just a car anymore folks) is becoming just as important to Toyota as the Camry and the Tundra. How can this possibly be fun?

In a nod to common sense, the driver who drew the short straw at the kickoff meeting, Clint Bowyer, has decide not to do an engine switch, body switch, suspension switch interior switch and come up with a Camry. That would defeat the spirit of the contest. So instead Clint is creating what he calls a “Tekked-out” Prius. Aren’t they all? Clint explains his strategy for making the mostest with the leastest this way; “A young, sophisticated global thinker meets a connected, socially conscious traveler—that’s the theme of the Tekked-Out Prius,” To the fans that watch V8 trucks race in circles at about 200 mph this must sound like the funniest thing they ever heard.


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