Tesla Model S

Modifications Tesla Model S owners are doing will surprise you

Although the Tesla Model S is a very exclusive car, owners love to make their car even more special. Here is what some are doing and many are talking about.

The Tesla Model S is not a car that seems at first in need of any modifications. It is gorgeous. It is easily one of the best looking sedans in the world at any price point. Adding more power would be like taking coal to Newcastle. Plus, how would one go about that exactly? Twice pipes? Headers? Holley double pumper? These items have no meaning in a car with no combustion. Well, at least tuners can lower the car to the ground. All they need to do is touch the dash though, and that isn’t much of a challenge! Our friends at the Tesla forums and groups have provided the real scoop (not hood) on what actual Tesla owners are doing to modify their rides and the results are amazing.


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Very cool, some other amazing mods for Tesla Model S owners are available at teslaccessories [dot] com -- including Center Console Insert, Reat Seat Cup Holder Solution, and even a limited edition sculpture inspired by Model S called "Driving the Future" -- most of these mods are for the interior now, but, more exterior options are coming (including a new front "grille" option).
Thanks Matt.
Can somebody please please please PLEASE tell me the name of those rims? I really need to know, I'm begging!