Texting while driving

NHTSA report shows distracted driving related accidents in decline

Campaigns against distracted driving are all the rage, but according to the facts, shown by NHTSA, we are not seeing an increase in distracted driving crashes involving deaths and injuries overall.

Watching the daily news one would get the impression that cell phones and texting cause most accidents and the rate of those accidents involving injury is dramatically on the rise. However, both of those conclusions are wrong based on the facts gathered and reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In fact, distracted driving accidents, which is the accident category that cell phone and texting related crashes fall under, are declining, not increasing. A close look at the facts reveals some interesting truths that don’t square well with the industry that has sprung up to proselytize against using our smart phones in the car. A recent article here in Torque News about distracted driving deaths created a wave of reader reaction with much of the feedback saying that deaths were not the problem, it was the dramatic increase in cell phone related accidents that was the point.


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"About 90% of all deaths related to vehicles have nothing to do with distracted driving according to NHTSA. Cell phones, and similar related causes of accidents, are a sub-set of the ten percent of accidents involving distraction." Tell that to the soccer moms and ticket-hungry police precincts who make it appear that there's an unmitigated slaughter fest of cell phone using death squads out there roaming the streets.
I'll tell it to the one in my neighborhood who drives her kids home from the bus stop with them standing on the front console head and torso out the sunroof. I kid you not.
That's old school awesome.