Chevy Spark

Chevy Spark upsets the auto maintenance apple cart

No more $900 timing belt changes at 70K, no more tranny fluid "flushes."

Owners of the new Chevrolet Spark won’t get to participate in one part of car ownership many of us have come to expect. Ever since the distributor cap went the way of the buggy whip, car owners have had it easy. We no longer need those pesky “Tune-ups” that used to cost so much. Instead, we get treated to a fifty dollar oil change and then offered “throttle body purges” tranny flushes” complete with a trio of colored liquids signifying the choice we have; clear (good $199), beige (Bad $99) or black as cancer (no charge, but good luck with that). On the way to the wallet we are then offered to put into our tires what is already in the air, but more of it. Forget the kids’ college plan, just hand over the credit card.


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