2015 Chrysler 200

2015 Chrysler 200 highlights ways automakers will end sudden acceleration crashes once and for all

The new 2015 Chrysler 200 breaks new ground for safety in its class. Look closely and you will see that these safety systems can do more than advertised.

Sudden acceleration in automobiles is a broad term. To some it means the car has an evil glitch that makes it roar forward and cause destruction and death. To some other folks it means that a person, usually older, has accidentally confused the pedals and a bad event has happened. Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to worry about what it means anymore? New car technologies like those featured in the 2015 Chrysler 200 may take us to that point.

What is the Result of Sudden Acceleration?
Regardless of why it happens news reports of people driving cars into buildings, and sadly other people, are still commonplace. Those who fixate on one brand as the boogeyman, or blame new technology, are able to somehow look away from the fact that every car maker has had problems highlighted in the media related to this, and the fact that this problem existed before modern electronic throttles. Whether the true causes are known or not, there have been many attempts to remedy the problem. Now, a host of new technologies, all designed to prevent other types of accidents, may conspire to end the issue once and for all.


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I've always thought the brake and gas were too close together and that people should learn to drive with both feet. I've heard the argument against this-wearing out the brakes by riding the break and being unable to adapt from a standard to an automatic... I just never like the arguments against my idea!
What happen to me once years ago I was sitting at a red light and suddenly something told me the light had changed and I hit the gas pedal. But that split second I snapped back and hit the brake and shaking wondering what had just happened. With so many people on the road at all age groups we never know when something may happen, any safety features will be very helpful.
Refreshing to hear some honesty;. 99% of the populace blame the car in that instance. Thanks for your comment.
On a 2000 Intrepid I put mud floor mats over the stock floor mats and while passing an 18 wheeler I put the pedal to the floor . When I was done I look my foot off the gas but the car was accelerating at full throttle . I grew up in the car business and just reached down and pulled the carpet back but I thought what if this happened to my wife . I took out the original matts and made clearence for the foot feed .
I bet this is more common than many realize. Thanks for commenting. I am a huge fan of WeatherTech mats, which fit perfectly.