2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo highlights 6 ways automakers can succeed wildly

A recent test drive by TN's managing editor highlighted the fact that some models exceed expectations and do very well. Here are 6 ways automakers can succeed.

In the US marketplace there are literally hundreds of different models for sale. However, if you park in any mall parking lot every fourth or fifth car seems to be a Corolla. At the day-care drop off the lot looks like a pod of whales as every car is a minivan. Why do some models do so well? A recent high level meeting by Torque News staff (done by Google chat while in pajamas), brought to light the fact that even now new models are emerging that everyone knows will be a winner. Here are some reasons that happens.

Be a Visionary - Ford Mustang
When Lee Iacocca invented the Mustang for Ford he did not start with a new sheet of paper. He didn’t pour billions in to product development and do CADD drawings of 50 different designs. He thought, “Here is this boring Ford Falcon. What can I do to make that car interesting.” The result was a car that has outsold it competitors handily and never stopped production (unlike the Camaro). From a humble basic car he made an exciting car people wanted. Simple, but only in hindsight


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