Study shows cheating men choose Toyota, while unfaithful women prefer Honda

Does your vehicle choice have anything to do with your likelihood to be unfaithful?

Interested in some tell tale signs that your partner may be cheating? Look no further than the car he or she drives. A new study by the adulterer website concluded that cheating men choose Toyotas and dishonest women prefer Hondas. The next two most popular car brands were Ford and Chevy. The website’s scientific study was based on 3,600 philanderers.

The fact that cheaters are choosing some of America’s most popular and ordinary brands contradicts the popular image of luxury cars being associated with affairs, which is often depicted in film and TV. Perhaps women are no longer gravitating toward the businessman driving a new Porsche 911 and are opting for the gentleman driving the Toyota pickup or family sedan. Noticeably absent from Ashley Madison’s list is Cadillac, which was the vehicle of choice for repeat offender Tiger Woods, who was driving a Cadillac Escalade when his suspecting wife Elin Nordegren confronted him with a golf club.

If anything, the survey proves that normal everyday people are having affairs. If vehicle choice is an indicator of personality, the individuals surveyed are not inherently different from non-cheaters in terms of their car.

"Cars can represent a lifestyle, denote financial success and show personality but our survey clearly proves that people having affairs are everyday people," says Noel Biderman,'s CEO to USA Today.

The results are based on responses from 2,520 men and 1,080 women:

Toyota (20.9%)----Honda (22.3%).
Ford (12.3%)----Ford (13.4%).
Chevy (10.2%)----Toyota (10.3%).
Honda (7.1%)----Chevy (7.3%).
BMW (6.4%)----Mercedes (6.6%).
Dodge (5.8)----Nissan (5.6%).
Nissan (4.8%)----Chrysler (4.3%).
Jeep (4.8%)----Dodge (4.2%).
GMC (3.2%)----BMW (3.9%).
Mercedes (2.9%)----Volkswagen (2.8%)


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A similar study by UK cheating website found that adulterers this side of the Atlantic were most likely to drive a prestige marque such as Mercedes, BMW and Jaguar, suggesting that British philanderers are higher up the income scale.