Chevy Cruze

Chevy Cruze: The car most feared by zombies [video]

New ad showcases why the undead hate the Chevy Cruze.

The all-new Chevy Cruze is one versatile vehicle. It ranks 6 out 41 Affordable Small Cars according to U.S. News and was named the Best Compact Car for the Money. So is there anything the 2012 Cruze can’t do? Apparently not, because Chevy’s new ad campaign illustrates how the Cruze can ward off hoards of zombies.

The Cruze’s amusing ad launch features a newscaster interviewing a zombie about his dislikes. What sits atop the zombie's list of pet peeves? Well, it’s the Chevy Cruze of course. The groaning zombie tells the reporter (via subtitles), “We hate the Chevy Cruze.” First, zombies hate the Cruze for its handling capabilities. The commercial then shows the Cruze comfortably circling around a group of the undead. Next up is the Cruze’s high-strength safety cage, which is able to keep the bloodthirsty zombies at bay. Lastly, the Cruze’s fuel economy allows the compact car to bypass gas stations loaded with zombies.

The two-minute spot concludes with the tagline: The car most feared by zombies. Chevy also encourages people to visit its zombified Facebook campaign to describe how he or she plans to survive the zombie apocalypse.


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