Acura NSX Super Bowl commercial

Acura NSX Super Bowl ad sought African-American actor that was "not too dark"

A newly released casting announcement for Acura's Super Bowl ad reveals that the automaker did not want black actors that were too dark.

Remember last February’s Super Bowl commercial for the 2012 Acura NSX featuring Jerry Seinfeld? It turns out that the seemingly innocent ad is sparking some controversy due to a casting document obtained by TMZ. The popular celebrity news site has just revealed the official casting announcement for the commercial, which described the type of actor desired to play the ad’s car dealer. According to the document, the automaker wanted the car dealer to be portrayed by an African-American that was “nice looking, friendly, not too dark.” Not surprisingly, the later part of the actor’s description is making waves today and Acura is being taken to task for what appears to be racially insensitive request.

TMZ reports that Acura has yet to respond to any of the website’s calls. TMZ did state that the casting agency indicated that the “not too dark” specification was due to “lighting and special effects” limitations, which seems rather bogus. The Huffington Post has also picked up on the story is currently trying to contact Acura and the NAACP for comment. TMZ obtained the document through an unnamed African-American actor who did not get the role. Apparently the actor did not pass Acura’s skin pigmentation requirements.


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