Toyota Etios concept

Toyota developing 8 new models

Working hard to get dominance in emerging markets, Toyota is developing eight new models of small, fuel efficient cars.

Toyota has announced a plan to develop eight new models of small cars for emerging markets. The cars will be largely designed and built in the markets they're being created for, including Brazil, China, and India.

The company states that it plans to sell half of its vehicles in those markets by 2015, a five percent raise from 2011 figures. To do that, the company will be building region-specific models such as the newly-introduced Etios compact sedan for India (pictured).

The Etios has a sticker price of about $9,000USD in India, far below the automaker's cheapest branded car, the Yaris, at $14,875. Toyota says they're aim is to sell these new market-specific models at or below the 1 million Yen range ($12,500USD).

Most will likely be based on existing chassis and shared parts. The Etios, for example, is based on a Yaris chassis and sports two new engines that will likely be seen in other models as Toyota spreads its influence in these new markets.


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