Top Gear Live double loop

Top Gear Live going for another double loop-the-loop record

This week, Top Gear Live will be doing a show in Birmingham, England and attempting a world record-setting double loop-the-loop on a motorcycle.

Top Gear Live is a touring live show as a spinoff of the popular British television series which has inspired other spinoffs, such as our own Top Gear USA. The live show features professional drivers doing race maneuvers, stunts, re-enactments of popular bits from the series, and more.

Now, they've announced that their successful double loop-the-loop in a four-wheel car in South Africa this summer wasn't good enough. They're going to attempt it with a motorcycle this time.

The attempt will be made during this week's 3-day show in Birmingham, England on October 25-28. The team says that on a motorcycle, the stunt is far more difficult as the bike and rider weigh less and thus will need more momentum (speed) to keep the wheels on the track during both loops. It's also far more dangerous as the motorbike offers no protection should something go wrong.

Called the Deadly 720+, the stunt performed in South Africa set the record as the First Double Loop by a Car in Guinness World Records. If the team does it on a motorcycle, it will be the first there as well.


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