Pontiac Fisher T-tops

Top 3 fun but questionable features from back in the day

Children of the 60s, 70s, and 80s will remember some of the fashionably cool, but often questionable "features" and common modifications made to cars back in the day. Here's some favorites.

Those of us who grew up in the days before safety was a top priority remember things like optional seatbelts, riding around in the back of the pickup truck unsupervised and untethered, making modifications to our cars without having to get permits to drive them around afterwards, and the other things people could do that.. well, might not have been a good idea, but were really fun nevertheless.

Kids today don't have these options. You can no longer buy t-top kits to cut the roof off of your own car and add window glass in its place, bolt down optional rear-facing bed seats for your Subaru Brat or pickup truck, or add air shocks to the back of your muscle car to lift it way up for that nose-in-the-weeds look of a dragster (called hi-jacking, back before that term had anything to do with airplanes). No wonder kids are always in trouble now. Everything fun is illegal.

T-Tops - factory options or DIY hack jobs
Several vehicles in the 1970s and 80s came with T-tops. The Pontiac Trans Am Firebird (shown here) is probably the most famous example, but the idea was actually introduced in 1951 with the TASCO sports car concept and then adopted by General Motors for the Chevrolet Corvette starting in 1968. It was a popular option and actually caused GM to drop the convertible Corvette in 1975.


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