Nissan NSC-2015

Nissan showcasing its NSC-2015 EV with autonomous driving

Nissan is exhibiting its prototype NSC-2015 electric vehicle with a new autonomous driving application at CEATEC JAPAN 2012.

Nissan Motor Co is showing the new autonomous driving capabilities of its NSC-2015 prototype at the CEATEC JAPAN 2012 exposition this week. The car is a modified Leaf and will be showing automated parking abilities at the show.

Using a remote monitoring system, the car can recognize surrounding environmental cues. An all-around view camera and 4G mobile connection lets the car "see" its surrounds, no matter its location, marking a departure from the usual GPS-based systems used in some other self-parking vehicles. This also allows the NSC-2015 to synch with a smart phone and utilize applications on the phone for further, future abilities.

A step up from the self-parking of today, the Nissan system allows the driver to exit the vehicle at a convenient location (say at the elevators in a parking garage). The car then drives itself and locates a vacant parking space. It then parks on its own, shuts down and awaits instructions from the driver - which can be given as the driver enters the vehicle or via the smart phone connection and 4G network.

The camera and parking sensors can also act as a security system, transmitting video, still photos, or alerts to the driver's phone. The car can also locate the driver on command and come to them.


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