Final Frontier in Smyrna

Nissan announces Final Frontier for Smyrna

Nissan's Smyrna, Tennessee plant has seen its final Frontier truck model off the line and is now going all-unibody as the automaker moves its North American truck-based vehicle production entirely to its new facility in Canton, Mississippi.

Nissan rolled the final truck-based model off its Smyrna, Tennessee production line, a Frontier pickup truck. North American operations for truck-based vehicles have been moved entirely to the automaker's new Canton, Mississippi plant, which will begin production of 2013 model year trucks soon.

The Smyrna plant is not closing, however, but is instead being focused on uni-body vehicles, including the company's popular cars like the Altima and Maxima. As Nissan's North American operations grow, the company has expanded to add the Mississippi-based plant and is now consolidating its diversity of American-made vehicles around its facilities to speed production and lower costs.

The change for the Smyrna plant will mean less down time for retooling and better use of materials and supply for both production facilities, which will lower costs and raise production capacities.


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