Lexus LF-CC concept

New Lexus LF-CC Concept revealed ahead of Paris show

Lexus drops photos and a few details on the new LF-CC, a compact version of the show-stopping LF-LC concept shown just a few months ago. The car shows the clear design trend that Lexus will be adopting in the near future.

Toyota's premium brand, Lexus, is working to change its face and is doing so with new concept cars geared towards creating excitement. When the concept LF-LC debuted early this year, it hit the press like a tsunami, wowing even some of the most skeptical of journalists. Most assumed it was a one-off concept and a fluke.

They were wrong.

At the Paris Motor Show, opening in a few days, Lexus will debut another concept titled the LF-CC. A compact takeoff of the earlier LF-LC, the CC has the same bold styling cues, but in a smaller package. That isn't to say it's a direct copy of the larger show-stopper, though. The LF-CC has a more refined look than its predecessor. Indeed, a more production-ready look, you might say. Speculation is that it could be the design cue for the upcoming IS next year.

Whatever it becomes, it's a striking display of automotive prowess. The lines are distinctly sport coupe, with the long, saloon-like hood - reminiscent of some of Europe's most endearing sport sloops - and the low roofline that cuts abruptly at the rear in a classic clipped fastback. It also looks decidedly rear-wheel drive, given those proportions.


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