Hyundai Tucsan ix

Hyundai to roll out 1,000 hydrogen cars this year

Hyundai promised production-level hydrogen fuel cell vehicles by 2013 and is keeping that promise, planning on rolling out the first thousand late this year.

Most major manufacturers are planning fuel cell vehicle rollouts in limited production numbers in 2015, including Toyota, Honda, and possibly General Motors. Hyundai announced last year that it would one-up those rivals by putting their fuel cell vehicle into production by 2013.

The Korean automaker plans to make good on that promise by rolling out the first thousand hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCV) late this year for 2013 release. Most of these will not be put on the road in Korea or North America, but in Europe, where hydrogen has a much higher level of acceptance.

The vehicle of choice will be the Tucson ix, based on the small crossover of the same name, with a sticker price of $88,550 before incentives. Hyundai's goal is to have their fuel cell vehicles selling for under $50,000 by 2015, putting them well ahead of the curve as the only other company to announce possible pricing for their FCVs is Toyota, who plans to have theirs at that level on release (likely at an initial loss, as with the Prius in the late 1990s). Hyundai plans to be selling 10,000 units per year by 2015.


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