2012 Buick Regal GS

Grandma's car on the race track

Buick is working hard to shed the geriatric associations with its name and taking the Regal GS on the race track proved that they are serious about the effort.

Buick's new rebranding effort has been underway for some time and the General Motors brand has been working hard to shed its aged baggage and become younger, lighter and more nimble. The 2012 Regal's slogan is "Check your expectations at the door." I would suggest that you not do that because if you expect what I expected out of the Regal, you'll be humbled with delight.

One of the cars at the Rocky Mountain Drive Event in Denver, Colorado that surprised by its appearance, of all places, on a race track alongside monsters like the Audi R8, was the 2012 Buick Regal GS. I got into this car expecting to take a leisurely ride with grandma around the track, puttering around corners in comfort and (by the looks of it) style. I was half right.

The Regal GS delivers comfort and style in a big way. What surprises is that it also delivers in performance and handling. No, it did not outrun or out-corner the R8 or Mustang, but honestly, those cars wouldn't be comfortable as road trip rides or daily drivers like the Regal. On the other hand, the Regal was far from geriatric in its speed and agility.


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I was surprised to see "Grandma's Car" in the title of this article and not see a Lexus in the picture. I think the writer of this article needs to get out of 1992 and join reality in 2012.
Or maybe the reader needs to read the article instead of just commenting on the title.
Read the article, still surprised anything that mentions a "Grandma Car" doesn't have a large picture of a Lexus.
Since the article is about Buick's rebranding efforts, putting a photo of a Lexus would make no sense.