2013 Toyota Avalon

2013 Toyota Avalon going hybrid

The all-new 2013 Toyota Avalon will have a hybrid option with a 40mpg combined EPA rating.

A totally new Avalon is coming in 2013 and Toyota has finally released design details including a surprise: it will include a hybrid option. The premium mid-sized sedan will come in a choice of a top-level V6 gasoline engine or a Hybrid Synergy Drive option with an efficiency rated by the EPA at 40mpg average.

The new look of the Avalon is strong, following through on current-generation style with a bolder, more refined appeal. It's design and engineering are North American-focused and were accomplished by design teams in Southern California and Michigan. The car will be built at Toyota's plant in Georgetown, Kentucky (TMMK).

Exterior dimensions change from 2012 with a near-2 inch length reduction and half an inch of width reduction. Height drops by an inch to 57.5 inches, but the wheelbase remains the same, explaining the new design's more sporty drive. Much of the length changes come from front and rear overhang reductions and the overall size reductions mean a curb weight drop of about 150 pounds for the V6 and 20 pounds for the Hybrid XLE option from the current model.

Inside, the Avalon will include a forward-looking technology base now being popularized in all of Toyota's top-level vehicles and advanced power trains. Safety features have been updated to current-generation and other refinements to match the car's premium quality have been added.



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