2012 BMW 135i Coupe

2013 BMW 135i 3-door debuts, to have three trim options

Three trim options for the 2013 BMW 135i series will include a sporty new M upgrade for the compact offering's lineup to go with the hatchback introduction.

When the new 1-series for 2013 hits showrooms in November, it will include hatchbacks in 3-door configuration with three trim level options, including a coveted M.

Also coming are more engine choices for the compacts that are now often the cars which introduce newcomers to the Beamer nameplate. The current coupe design will remain, but will be supplemented with a hatchback body option along with three variants in trim: Sport Line, Urban Line, and M Sport.

Body length for the cars will increase slightly for the hatchback adding 85 millimeters to the length and 30 millimeters to the wheelbase. Overall width in the 2012 BMW 135i Coupe will increase 17 millimeters, but height will remain the same. Options will include a third seat in the rear as well as six engines.

Those engines include two petrol and four diesel power plants: the 116i (136hp) and 125i (218hp) for petrol and the 116d (116hp), 118d (143hp), 125d (218hp), and 116d EfficientDynamics (116hp) diesel options. The BMW M135i will have a 3-liter, straight 6-cylinder engine at 320hp as the first M performance automobile featuring a petrol engine.

Other M-features include characteristic suspension and body aerodynamic improvements typical of the line along with interior upgrades to denote the M-package.


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