State of Washington Might Tax Alternative Fuel Vehicles

The State of Washington is out with a plan to maintain current infrastructure and other needs due to the decline in gas tax revenues. Owners of alternative fuel vehicles may not be happy with what’s proposed.

According to an article posted at (which proves that scans the web to get you the most relevant automotive news), total unfunded state, regional, and local transportation needs through 2030 are estimated at $175 - $200 billion. This total includes 20-year transit needs estimated at $49 billion to maintain current service levels, and city, county, and regional transportation needs estimated at $69 billion.

The state is blaming the shortfall on declining gas tax revenues in spite of a 14.5-cent gas tax hike. Those funds, though, were tied to a specific project list and will not be available for the next 25 to 30 years. In 2040 there should be no shortage of funds in Washington State.


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