2012 Kia Rio 5 door has an attractive price starting below $14,000

Review: 2012 Kia Rio 5-Door Substantial Improvement in Many Ways Including Price

The hot spot in the automotive world right now is the B class or sub-compact segment as most folks know it. Sweet in that hot spot is Kia with the 2012 Rio five-door hatchback currently in dealers and the four-door sedan that rolls out by year’s end. The base 2012 model has the same price as the 2011 model but much more value.

Kia is currently on a strong sales run with deliveries up 13 straight months. Its sales in 2011 are up 37 percent over 2010, which is more than three times the industry average. Its market share is up to 3.9 percent from 3.1 percent in 2010.

It’s enjoying this sales success because of vehicles like the 2012 Kia Rio. Consumers don’t want cheap cars. They want good cars that are inexpensive. It’s a huge difference that Honda, for example, isn’t quite getting. As one Kia exec put it during a product launch in Austin, Texas, “Value is the new cool.”

OK, let’s be frank. The 2012 Kia Rio is not cool to look at it but it has some nice lines on the side and hood. The optional LED taillights are pretty. Little in the B class is cool on the outside but where the Rio might capture your fancy is under the hood and on the inside. That’s where the subcompact begins to shine.

As Ralph Tjou, manager of Kia’s car product planning put it, “We’ve changed just about everything in the new Rio [including its] pedestrian styling. The 2012 Rio is no longer about driving in a penalty box. It’s about riding in a box suite.” Maybe that’s just a touch of hyperbole but this Rio is a vast improvement where it counts.

As Tjou pointed out, the top reasons people reject small cars are design and technology. The exterior design is good but the interior design is what is going to capture people’s attention. People buy cars with their eyes initially but they have to live with the interior for years to come.


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