2013 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Mercedes Launches Powerful G63 AMG

The G-class at Mercedes-Benz is a line of vehicles that can beat almost any vehicle off-road and now it can beat most on-road with the launch of the G63 AMG.

Normally the PR folks at a company stretch when coming up with new ways to describe a vehicle but they're spot on when they call the Mercedes G63 the "strong man" of the AMG lineup. This is a true sport utility vehicle that is both sporty and utilitarian.

The new G63 AMG outperforms its predecessor, the G55 AMG KOMPRESSOR, by 44 hp and 44 lb-ft of torque, and was a clear favorite for G-Class purchasers, making-up 40 percent of sales globally. The AMG 5.5-liter V8 biturbo engine develops a maximum output of 544 horsepower and a torque of 560 lb-ft. This enables the 2013 G63 AMG to accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 5.3 seconds, with a top speed of 130 mph (electronically limited).

But, get this, the G63 also has its green side (relatively speaking). Mercedes-Benz says the design has been comprehensively refreshed, so that, for the first time in the 33-year history of the G-Class, AMG customers can enjoy some of the latest cutting-edge systems: spray-controlled gasoline direct injection, the ECO stop/start function and alternator management.

The seven-speed automatic gearbox features three drive modes and an automatic rev-matching function for downshifting. In "Controlled Efficiency" (C) mode, the ECO stop/start function is active, shutting down the eight-cylinder engine when the vehicle is stationary. "C" mode is also characterized by smooth accelerator and transmission characteristics and early gear changes; the vehicle is usually started in second gear in this mode. The AMG instrument cluster includes a green "ECO" symbol, indicating when the ECO stop/start function is on.


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