Jeep sponsoring contest with Boys & Girl clubs

Jeep Will Reward Talented Kids with Big Parties

Jeep is making it great to be a kid with a new creative contest with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Jeep has paired with the Boys & Girls Clubs (which serve more than 4 million children nationwide) to offer two creative contests, "Dream Adventure" and "Your Jeep Quest," that will reward Club members with once-in-a-lifetime events. Being a kid just became cool again.

The Dream Adventure national contest asks Boys & Girls Club members across the country to answer the question "What would you do in this big world if you could do anything you wanted?" In response, young people ages 6-12 will share illustrations and members ages 13-18 can submit 60-second videos for a chance to win an adventure-filled Jeep-themed bash for their club along with other prizes. Four winners in each age group will be selected based on criteria including creativity, visual impact and compelling title.

Based on what Jeep does at auto shows, this should be no ordinary party. Know any kids involved in the Boys & Girl Clubs? Make sure they enter the contest for a party that is bound to rock the house (or whatever it is kids say).


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