Kia GT4 Stinger 2+2 concept

Exclusive: Kia Names 2+2 Coupe Concept GT4 Stinger

To date, Kia has been coy about its new 2+2 coupe concept coming to the North American International Auto Show but its worldwide PR team has given it a name, but possibly not on purpose.

The Kia Motors Worldwide Facebook Page proclaimed, "We are unveiling the GT4 Stinger, a 2+2 sports concept car, in a month at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. More details can be found here." It then has a link that directs Facebook followers to Kia Buzz, the official corporate blog of the Korean automaker.

Yet, the blog post has no reference to the GT4 Stinger name. It makes one wonder if the intern in charge of social media slipped up by giving it a name when he or she wasn't supposed to.

Are there any clues in the name? Well, GT usually means Grand Touring or Gran Turismo when it's slapped on a car's name. In my opinion that means the GT4 Stinger is going to be a fast car with touches of luxury in it. That would put it more upscale than the Hyundai Veloster that some are already comparing it to.

But GT has come to mean fast, too, in the U.S. One thinks of the Ford Mustang GT as being a much superior car with its 5.0-liter V8 and greater performance. Kia has, in recent years, tried to set itself apart from Hyundai by being the sportier of the two companies. That name could signal a move in that direction.


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