Chevrolet Black Diamond Avalanche

Chevrolet Avalanche Ceases Production - Gets Deadly Trim Name

Friday the 13th has proven unlucky for the Chevrolet Avalanche, which ceases production and gets saddled with a morbid trim name.

Chevrolet is going out with a bang in the truck's last year. Well, maybe not so much a bang as a last gasp at relevance for the pickup that had a quick start but has been overshadowed by GM's own GMC division. It offers much better pickups than the Avalanche.

To clear out inventory, Chevrolet is introducing the Black Diamond Avalanche. Chevy says it will feature body-colored bed surrounds, a unique badge on the sail panel, additional features on LS and LT models, and lower prices across the lineup.

The last five words of the paragraph are what one needs to focus on: lower prices across the lineup. OEMs don't lower the prices of vehicles are selling well. However, they do put lipstick on the pigs that aren't selling well.

By the way, who came up with the name? I'm not much of a skier but doesn't avalanche and black diamond (the hardest ski trails) often mean certain death or dismemberment? Do the Chevy marketing folks have a morbid sense of humor? If so, more power to them.

Want to see something really interesting? has dueling opinions on the Avalanche. Here is the opinion that was part of the official GM press release: “The Chevrolet Avalanche was one of the earliest forays into re-inventing the traditional pickup truck," said Michelle Krebs, senior analyst, “It was a vehicle that maintained the traditional truck image and capability but was more versatile for the person buying it for personal use more than work – a lifestyle truck more than a work truck. Other variations on the theme from competitors followed the Avalanche's debut.”


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