LG Chem and China is dominating the automobile market

Where The Real Battle For Electric Cars Is Happening

Forget Detroit, forget even European carmakers when you try to decipher the electric car market. The real action is in China and South Korea.

Not to burst anyone’s bubble but the real action defining tomorrow’s alternative energy cars is happening well away from our domestic concerns equally shared between China and South Korea.

Chinese Manufacturing Might. While politicians debate moot points of helping companies build domestically, it’s hard to argue against paying an international worker the fraction of the price it takes to get the same done domestically. China has a glut of manpower and is barely getting started on building its very own automobile market. While the country makes cars, it has also invested heavily in alternative energy sources and its manufacturing with battery packs are built and assembled right there.

South Korea's Slow Progression. Right below the Chinese media radar is a country that has consistently and quietly infiltrated every part of the automobile world, South Korea. LG Chem is THE company to watch as it continues to produce most of electric and plug in vehicle’s battery packs. Don’t believe me? GM Volt and by the same extension Opel’s Ampera, Ford’s Fusion and C-MAX hybrid and plug-in hybrids version, Renault’s Z.E. line is expected to use LG Chem’s cells. These are the world’s Top 4 carmakers sharing the same supplier for electric car batteries.


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