Another plug-in hybrid joins the fray, this time from Volvo

The Volvo V60 Plug-in Hybrid Cometh

Volvo is the latest to dash in the pool of plug-in hybrid, toping this week’s list long on new entrant into this market segment. But what does it have to offer others don’t?

You’d be hard pressed differentiating the V60 Plug-In Hybrid, PHEV from any other V60, short of some very tiny aerodynamic hints here and there, including better wind dynamic 17” wheels. Sustainable luxury is a pie in the sky many carmakers are hunting after. How can a car manufactured using traditional methods be sustainable even if its drivetrain cuts down on emission, is something many try to answer. But the psychological call from drivers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint is more important than political rhetoric. Drivers want to pollute less and Volvo wants to help with that.

Technically Speaking. Using again 2.4L diesel engine coupled to an electric motor fed by a lithium iron battery pack housed beneath the ample back compartment, the V60 PHEV puts out a combined power output of 276 hp. Although those performances alone are impressive enough, the V60 also shines with efficiency rated at 148mpg, with emissions as low as 49g/km of CO2. How come Europeans are the only ones working on what seems to be the logical choice of using a diesel engine mated to a hybrid platform?


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