Your personal power station, your next EV or PHEV

Toyota Also Has Its Vehicle To Home Energy System

Hot on theNissan V2H story, Toyota confirmed it too has a V2H system designed to power your home.

After our Nissan V2H story, Toyota announced theirs. While the company doesn’t offer a full electric car, this particular system will work with the Prius Plug In Hybrid, PHEV coming out soon as well as other EVs. The V2H system will start testing on a Prius PHVs at the end of this year. It will comprise of approximately 10 households and be part of the company’s Toyota City Low-Carbon Verification Project, a project started back in April 2010.

Technically Speaking. The Toyota plug-in hybrid has a smaller battery pack 4.4 kWh than a pure electric car but bigger than the regular Prius. This is enough with an AC100 V inverter onboard to let the Prius PHV flow back its stored electric energy into an AC system for home use. All of this is controlled in a two-way communication system between vehicle, charging station and the home. But the company announces that a fully charged Prius PHEV battery pack and a full tank of gasoline could supply electricity you’re your average Japanese home enough electricity, about 10 kWh for four days. This would roughly mean 2 days here in the US.


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