Test drive electric cars for free than make up your mind

Test Ride Electric Cars For Free

If rental car companies are going to allow you to test drive electric cars at your leisure, another way will be free events.

Fleets have many hybrids, HEV, plug-in hybrids, PHEV and electric cars, EVs at their disposal and some of them are offering free public test rides. AAA offered such a chance in Tampa, Florida last week. This makes perfect sense, as it raises public awareness and is a win-win situation for both AAA and its electric cars and plug-in hybrids makers.

From EV to PHEV to Conversions. AAA gave the public a wide taste of what 6 alternative energy cars have to offer. The Nissan Leaf was present, as well as the Mitsubishi i, the Chevy Volt, a Porsche converted to electricity, as well as a Nissan Altima and Sentra, also converted to electricity.

The event came at the perfect time when the petroleum consortium batters the public by raising prices again in a show of will, despite high profits and record. Showing electric cars to weary consumers right now is the best moment to drive the idea home.

Why Should I Drive An Electric Car? To this question, the answer is still the same, because they cost less to maintain and will run you single digit cents to drive per mile than gas cars. Electric car for your shorter commutes makes much more sense than a gas car, since gas cars are not optimized for them. In city driving, electric cars excel in stop and go traffic, something a gas car is not well equipped to do.

Longer Range? We now know this is less a problem then some car manufacturers led on consumers to believe. If you need longer trips on weekends, there are plenty of choices. You can keep a gas car in the garage or rent one to visit family or go on holidays.


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