The Tesla Model S will delight kin many ways, including its amazing infotainment

Tesla Model S Promises Unsurpassed Visual User Experience

In an increasingly more and more sophisticated on-board infotainment system that dizzies the mind with stunning visuals, the all-electric Model S is the game changer.

On-board information systems have become a de facto reality in most cars, making them indispensable. A user’s positive experience is as much the driving, as the aesthetics and the practicality of the car, but information system are becoming the success key.

Model S Redefines Information Visuals. You have to hand it to Tesla Motors with the impossible task of another electric car with conventional electric batteries that pushes the limits. If the Roadster was a nail in the coffin of naysayers, the Model S is a spike. So what can we expect from the Model S?

Technical Marvel. If you have a Tesla shop near you, go and see it for yourself. Chances are there will be a cutaway of a Model S where you will see the amount of clever engineering that went into it. With a clear cutaway, you will see how the engineers managed to shove the electric motor, differential and converter all in the rear axle tunnel. Reducing space and tightly packaging leaves plenty of room for its occupants, as we’ve been made aware of. See the video below.


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