Rinspeed Dock Go

Rinspeed Dock+Go Tackles Range Anxiety With Bolt On Smart EV Extension

Rinspeed has always been innovative and their latest bolt on addition to the electric Smart pushes range and cargo space to unheard of territory with its Dock+Go concept.

Finally, we can stop complaining about the lack of space when buying a tiny Smart car thanks to the outside the box thinking from Rinspeed. By the same measure, Rinspeed takes a stab at the over-played and self-fulfilling anxiety pushed on unaware consumers, the dreaded “range anxiety”… Feel your Smart is too small and its range limited? Just bolt on an extension and get it over with!

Rinspeed. For those of you who don’t know who Rinspeed is, the company has dabbled with interesting automobile concepts and pushing technology whether we are talking pure, raw Porsche performance or squeezing out more juice from an EV. The extension for the Smart is yet another way to show how much the company thinks outside the box and offers interesting solutions to everyday problems.


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