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The Media Harms Alternative Energy Cars

The traditional role of the media to report the news as is and stay away from sensationalist headlines is obviously a long gone myth. The latest insistence to focus on the negative aspects of first generation cars does more harm than good to an already weak automotive industry.

When Media Was Honest. There was a time when news mass media were fair in reporting and announced facts, no more, no less. This gave people the opportunity to critically build their personal analysis of situations and there was no “new frenzy” as we witness day in and out. Today, only a handful of companies with political agendas own the entire news media business, giving us a smorgasbord of sensational headlines designed to lure you to only read or watch a certain outlet.

With this in mind, is the over the top attention on plug-in hybrid, PHEV and electric car, EV problems deserved, or is it just another way for newspapers and the media to rack in viewership and advertising dollars? We’ll let you decide.

In the meantime, roughly 150,000 internal combustion engine cars explode in flame every year, barely noticed or picked up by the news. Two plug-in hybrids go up in flame and every news outlet reports it ad nauseam. The recall of Fisker Karma’s and now CODA’s all-electric car is accompanied by negative comments, such as the typical slow adoption of such cars, hints of bad quality or straight out technology not ready for prime time. But is this representative or is it simply out of proportion?


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