Hybrid And Electric Cars Surge Dramatically In June

June is a strange month for car sales and this past one saw a dramatic rise in hybrid and electric car sale, up by 164%.

According to the Kelley Blue Book's “Blue Book Market Report for July 2012”, hybrid and alternative-energy vehicle sales jumped over 164% last month. This comes to defy the notion that when gasoline prices are down, alternative energy and fuel-efficient car sales go up. The contrary happened last month as gasoline prices went down, unlike past summer seasonal hikes.

Toyota Wins Big With Lexus. And who would make the most out of this situation? Toyota’s Lexus, and more to the point, its Lexus CT200h. Sales of the hybrid grew by nearly 500% year-over-year. Following closely is the Chevrolet Volt with sales improving over 200% year-over-year.

History Flashback. When we compare the numbers from 2011, those numbers point to a healthy increase in alternative fuel vehicles. Considering that by January 1st of 2011, 13,777 alternative energy vehicle sold when gasoline price was at $3.09, today’s numbers are not too shabby with 23,778 vehicles sold at an $3.54 for gasoline at the pump.


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