A car and a home power unit

How To Power Your Home With An Electric Car

The idea of charging your car and using the battery pack as electricity storage for future use is not new and as the industry matures, it brings this to a reality with V2H.

PowerStream and Nissan Canada have teamed up to show that your very own electric car can power your home for a definite amount of time. The idea is simple. Charge your car and then use the electricity whenever you want. Think of it this way. Charge when electricity is cheapest, then use it later when utilities charge the most. This means cheap electricity all the time, as long as you don’t need to drive.

PowerStream and Nissan Canada are demonstrating how a fully or partially charged battery pack in an electric car can provide power to a home. The vehicle-to-home, V2H system developed by Nissan Motor Company can be used by any home owners on best time-of-use, TOU rates for their advantage. This particular demonstration will last the entire weekend and show yet another high point for electric cars, namely that its storage capacity that can also be used for more than powering its wheels.

Technically Speaking. The electric car's battery pack powers lights, appliances and other devices inside the home. Using an automatic transfer switch, ATS and power control system, PCS to give the home electricity from either the utility or the EV. Get used to these terms folks, this will be common household items in a few year.


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