GM and Peugeot flex their muscles

GM Returns Favor To Peugeot To Bring Small Engine Cars Back To The USA

The intricacies of carmakers reaching out to another are many and none more fascinating than GM and Peugeot working together to brave the rough seas ahead.

GM is finally coming out of a touch period with an improved image, improved quality and rising sales but it’s not out of the woods yet. While the latest sales numbers shows it has surpassed its old Japanese rival Toyota, most of its success lies on the newer smaller car segment, something the company needs to cement into its culture. So how can another European giant, such as Peugeot work with GM and what both bring to the plate?

Peugeot And GM. The times are a changin’ as Dylan once said and European car makers work hand in hand with the Japanese, as in the case of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, Peugeot also sells Mitsubishi’s electric i, so why not have the PSA Peugeot Citroen group spend 1 billion-euro or $1.34 billion right into General Motors Co.’s hands and strike a strategic partnership? Well, there is tricky and then there is thorny…


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