Citroen reveals its DS5 Hybrid4 200 ch at the Geneva Auto Show

The Geneva Motor Show Promises an International Alternative Energy Car Event

The Geneva Motor Show is aimed towards the international automobile market and nowhere else will you see a better global representation. Find out what to expect with alternative energy cars at the show this year.

The Geneva Motor Show always promises to please everyone by making sure it covers the entire planet. If Detroit is for the North American market, Frankfurt is to Europe what the Tokyo Motor Show is in Asia. However little can match the Geneva Motor Show’s as far as wide reach representation. This is what to see at the Geneva Motor Show with alternative energy.

Asia. Mitsubishi has a lot riding on its head following the successful introduction of its newly redesigned Outlander, the Outlander plug-in hybrid (PHEV). Of course Toyota will have its many Prii, including the plug-in hybrid but no real electric car. Lexus will show no less than 5 hybrid versions available. Nissan will show its Euro Leaf. Honda will show its hydrogen Clarity, as well as its Insight and other hybrid Jazz, the CR-Z Hybrid. Kia will show its hybrid Optima.

Europe. On the European side, Audi will show its A3 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) as well as its A6 Hybrid Limousine and Q5 Hybrid. Renault, strong with its four electric cars will show its Twizzy and ZOE. Citroen will bring its electric C-Zero, the Mitsubishi i MiEV rebadged French version and will show something we’ll never see in the US, Citroen elegant car designs, such as the DS5 Hybrid4 200 ch. Peugeot will show its hybrids and to my knowledge the only hybrid van available anywhere. Another oddity here is the debut of the electric Defender, the Land Rover group turn electric car consultants with its electric Defender.


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