Lutz blasts extremists attacks on Volt

EVS26 And The Global Campaign for Consumer EV Adoption

EVS is always an interesting event to participate in. Nowhere will you see more engaged companies, startups and engineers iron out the kinks of this new electric drive paradigm. GM, BMW, Lotus, Qualcomm, Siemens, AC Propulsion all share the floor, each bringing their unique solutions and paving the way forward.

As EVS 26 drew to an end, the handing over of the baton is given to the next coordinator with a panel of experts closing the event. The panel included experts and fresh eyes, including the famed Bob Lutz, Former Vice Chairman, General Motors, Andy Palmer, Executive Vice President, Nissan, Dean Devlin, Producer/Screenwriter and Scott Cronce, Chief Technology Officer, Electronic Arts (EA).

The Shape Of The EV Image. Dean Devlin brought an interesting point about the sometimes ill-devised, and heavy-handed marketing concepts. Nowhere is this truer than when it comes to commercials. Case in point, he mentioned a certain commercial that showed this carmaker saying: “We had to make this car”… Seriously? “had to?” That certainly sends a pretty dubious message. Another commercial shows an electric car stopping at a gas station with one of the children asking why they were stopping since, after all they drive an EV. You guessed it, a bathroom stop. Again, not the best message either. And let’s face it, it’s just not funny, as most commercials are. The epitome for Dean was a commercial showing a car being built… instead of the final product. Now that really confuses people. Dean points out later that framing an electric car as medicine is simply inviting trouble. The whole this car is “good for you”, therefore you should do it amounts to little more than marketing scare tactics. It just doesn’t work and eventually backfires, as we have witnessed many times before.


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