Drive from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego

Liberating Range Anxiety With Long e-Highways

It is theoretically now possible to drive an electric car from San Diego to Vancouver with some time, planning and a good dose of curiosity.

It’s hard to believe a few years ago we were debating whether or not the electric car, EV would actually come alive this time. Not only is it alive, it is kicking and screaming. You can feasibly plan a trip from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada in an electric car, should you have the time and desire. None of this came without a lot of work, persistence and an incredible amount of seeing what works, removing what doesn’t from sidelining us.

e-Highway Stretches Two Continents. You could say this e-highway now stretches two continents. After all, in a few decades, they will most likely stitch all continents together. With a strong push from Aerovironment, and the Washington State Department of Transportation, Level 1 and 2 are charging is available with 10 new public electric charging stations electric. 7 are conveniently located along Interstate 5, the rest on U.S. Route 2 in northern Washington.

Charging Convenience. In order to move our society so engrained with convenience, electric charging stations must be easy to reach, easy to use and conveniently placed so that they not only extend trips but also offer entertainment along the way. Indeed, 8 of the 10 new Aerovironment electric charging stations allow for the use of DC fast chargers. As you recall, fast DC charger allow a full charge of an almost depleted battery pack in less than 30 minutes. All of them have Level 2 charging capability. And in order to make it even more convenient, the charging locations are located near shopping centers and other entertainment venues.


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