With disability friendly charging stations, CMI is well positioned

Disability Friendly Charging Stations

When we think of charging cable, charging stations and other charging features, they all work well unless you happen to be in a wheelchair or have other disabilities.

A bulky cable tucked away inside a closet is not an easy piece of machinery to access for a visually impaired person or someone in a wheel chair. The new industry of electric cars with its charging cables and cords work well for most people, they are not the easiest for those with special needs.

A company has set out to make charging equipment work for people with disabilities, Control Module Inc.’s EVSE charging stations. The company’s charging stations so far have met and eve exceeded the expert recommendations for persons with disabilities.

Control Module Inc.. Control Module, CMI’s EVSE division announced the company's electric vehicle, EV chargers will come with automatic retractable cable management. According to the published report by Sustainable Transportation Strategies, Electric Vehicle Charging for Persons with Disabilities, authored by David W. Mayfield who is an expert in the field of EV charging and accessibility, the details how EV charging can be made compliant were published with the ADA standards for parking accessibility.


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