CODA gets 4 star crash rating, 2 for driver though.

CODA Gets 4 Star NHTSA Crash Ratings

CODA has done a good job beefing up the Chinese partially manufactured car and the NHTSA awarded it them 4 stars. Now it needs to improve its driver crash rating.

When people find out the electric CODA is partially manufactured in China by Great Wall Motors, it usually stirs images of poor quality and craftsmanship. This is something CODA was well aware of when they brought the car into the US and have worked hard making sure it would withstand the tough and stringent NHTSA testing.

4 Stars And 2. The good news is that CODA has done its homework well and the test crash of the first few cars have yielded an overall impressive 4 stars out of 5. The bad news is that the CODA fell short of the 5 stars because the driver crash test dummy didn’t fare very well. It only got 2 stars on the head on, straight forward impact. Note that the passenger side received 4 stars. So what does this mean? It probably means CODA is going to back to work and make the car even better.


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