BYD wants to sell electric cars zero money down

BYD Wants To Sell EVs Zero Down Payment

BYD is trying to get its electric vehicles out the door in order to increase its market share. But is zero payment down the way to go?

The idea of selling an expensive product with zero down payment is alluring to companies trying to make a dent in a new market but is also a very dangerous business practice. BYD wants to sell its electric vehicles, the e6 or k9 for no money down. The company has announced a series of financial incentives for customers, according to the China Business News website.

Selling For Nothing. The BYD electric vehicles have appealed to taxi operators and bus companies for their inherently cheaper energy cost. BYD wants to give such companies the opportunity to buy their all-electric e6 or k9 on credit with zero down payment. The program is being offered through the China Development Bank and the China Everbright Bank.


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