Blink installs LA's first fast charger

Blink Fast Charges Downtown Los Angeles

Fast chargers are part of the way to go, promising fraction of the time it takes to charge an electric car and plug-in hybrid. Blink has just installed a new Los Angeles’ first DC fast charger.

The new downtown Los Angeles Blink DC fast charger installed yesterday on the Mateo Street parking lot will allow the charge of an electric car in about half an hour. Compared to this, a Level 2 220V would take as long as 6 to 8 hours if you were to recharge a completely depleted battery pack. Adding to a row of ten Level 2 chargers in the parking lot, the Blink DC fast charger becomes the first fast charger in Los Angeles.

Technically Speaking. Fast chargers are part of the solution. An exponential step from the lowly Level 1 charge, our commonly used 110V “trickle charge”, it allows up to 450 volts of direct current with a maximum power output of 60 kW adjustable from 30kW. The CHAdeMO compliant fast charger has a maximum output current of 200 Amps with a minimum of 5, perfect for the last minute top offs. Electric cars, EV and plug-in hybrids, PHEV capable of using fast charges will be able to handle 200 Amps at 208 VAC, 89 Amps at 480 VAC or 74 Amps at 575 VAC downtown LA.


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