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In wake of Leaf battery flap, Coda points to active thermal management

Coda personnel talk up the temperature management system built into the company's electric car following news that Nissan Leaf owners testing Leaf battery capacity have found significant battery capacity loss.

For months Phoenix area Nissan Leaf owners have been concerned over battery capacity loss and premature battery pack aging, presumably due to their hot climate. These Leaf owners are observing a dramatic loss in battery pack capacity, and a resulting decrease in driving range, and are understandably concerned. Where Nissan has relied on an air cooling system for the battery pack, other automakers made other choices. Coda Automotive stressed at a press event earlier this week that they chose an active cooling system specifically to preserve battery pack capacity, and provide good performance in any climate.

Last weekend a massive test by Phoenix area Nissan Leaf owners demonstrated premature aging and battery capacity loss, presumably due to heat. This followed a string of statements by Nissan that the company was investigating the issue, and that there were only a handful of cases. The Nissan Leaf comes with an 8 year battery warranty.

Many point to the lack of an active cooling system on the Nissan Leaf as the problem. This is a design choice which Coda is attempting to exploit for their advantage. At a Coda press briefing earlier this week in Santa Monica, company personnel repeatedly stressed their choice to integrate an active temperature management system as a big plus.


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