REMA SAE DC Fast Charging plug and socket

SAE DC Fast Charging becoming real with REMA announcing UL listed plug and socket

Fast charging for electric cars should be a huge boost to electric car adoption, if there is widespread deployment of fast charging stations, and an announcement that REMA will begin manufacturing SAE DC Fast Charging plugs and sockets takes us a step closer to that day.

Quietly in the background of the electric vehicle market is a little war between three fast charging standards. The main war is between the incumbent CHADEMO system supported by Nissan and Mitsubishi, and the newcomer SAE DC Fast Charging system that's expected to arrive in future electric cars from the other automakers. There's also the little matter of Tesla's Supercharger system that beats the power and flexibility of the other two systems, but is proprietary to Tesla. A salvo in the battle was fired this week by REMA who unveiled their SAE DC Fast Charging plug and socket, which has achieved UL Listing, and is slated to begin production in 2012.


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That's great. Now there just need to be a car to go with it.