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Over 6000 San Diegan's driving electric Smart ForTwo's in car2go service

Launched in November 2011, the San Diego car2go service boasts 6000 members (and growing) after 100 days of service, in the only all-electric car sharing service in America.

In November 2011, Daimler's car2go car sharing service launched in San Diego, and in its first 100 days of operation has signed up over 6,000 people. The San Diego branch of car2go is America's first all-electric car sharing service, utilizing 300 electric Smart ForTwo's.

"For the first time in the history of North America, an entire city has been given access to a large network of electric vehicles that they can share, collaboratively," said Nicholas Cole, president and CEO of car2go North America LLC. "As thousands of residents of San Diego embrace car2go and the electric vehicle driving movement, they are setting an outstanding example in emissions-free urban mobility for the rest of the world."

According to car2go, the service launched with 500 trips per week and with rising membership levels this number has increased to 3,500 trips per week. The company finds the average trip is 15-30 minutes in length, and covers a distance of 5-10 miles.


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