2011 Nissan Leaf battery pack

Nissan's Leaf survived fine in Fukushima tsunami, no fires

Two dozen Nissan Leaf electric cars were mangled in the tsunami, with no battery pack fires, giving us anecdotal battery pack safety evidence compared with the Chevy Volt.

The Fukushima tsunami that proved deadly last Spring to TEPCO's nuclear power plants, was no problem at all for the Nissan Leafs accidentally caught up in the maelstrom. Two dozen Leafs were destroyed in the flooding, but with no adverse anything from the battery pack. This would be an unremarkable footnote if we weren't in the context of the hyped-up concern about the Chevy Volt battery packs, and instead this gives us reason to ponder the art of constructing safe battery packs for electric cars.

Two dozen Nissan Leaf electric cars were caught up in the tsunami flooding that ravaged Japans coast-line. The cars were heavily damaged, but none of their battery packs caught fire. Bob Yakushi, the director of product safety for Nissan North America is quoted in an NY Times report saying “Considering how they were tossed around and crushed, we think that is a very good indication of the safety performance of that vehicle.”

Nissan would have us believe this is due to how well protected is the Leaf battery pack:-


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