Honda's reduce-reuse-recycle of rare earth materials

Honda launching rare earth metals recycling from used nickel-metal hybrid car batteries

Honda and Japan Metals & Chemicals have developed rare earth metals recycling technology which could mitigate the rare earth metals supply issues which casts a shadow over the potential these metals have in hybrid and electric cars.

One of the geopolitical power concerns in developing electric cars is the rare earth metals. China, through being the low cost provider of rare earth metals, has essentially taken over the market. China's dominance and other issues have made many worry about the wisdom of trading a dependence on foreign oil controlled by unstable-not-quite-friendly governments for a dependence on rare earth metals controlled by a not-quite-friendly government. Honda has announced a recycling process for rare earth metals the company says produces materials with purity almost as high as newly-mined metals. If put into production this could help reduce the supply concerns.


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