2011 Fisker Karma

Fisker Karma wins 2 prestigious design and innovation awards

The Fisker Karma has the looks to make grown men drool, and unsurprisingly has won First Prize in the prestigious International Design Awards, and the Edison Awards recognized the car with a Silver Trophy in electric vehicles.

Amid the troubles surrounding Fisker Automotive, a pair of rays of sunlight beamed upon the company in the form of two awards. The company announced today it had received First Prize in the Transportation Competition of the International Design Awards, as well as the Silver prize in Electric Vehicles in the Edison Awards.

The last few months has seen a number of troubles beset Fisker Automotive, from a battery pack recall (due to defective batteries supplied by A123 Systems), to the Department of Energy loans being frozen and the subsequent layoffs and delays in getting the Fisker Atlantic into production. These two prestigious awards could go a long ways to counteracting the perception that problems surrounding the company.

The International Design Awards are meant to recognize "visionary design," discover new or emerging talent, and to increase the appreciation of product design. The Fisker Karma has the looks required to make certain types of people drool upon seeing the car, so it's not entirely surprising for the car to win a design award.

“As a car designer, there’s nothing like having your work recognized and appreciated by other people in different disciplines of the same industry,” said Fisker co-founder and executive design director Henrik Fisker. “We are honored to have the IDA recognize and endorse the sleek and bold design of the Fisker Karma.”


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