FedEx fuel efficient trucks

FedEx delivering amazing fuel efficiency gains with electric delivery trucks

FedEx Express has nearly reached its 2020 fuel efficiency goal in 2012, eight years early, through an aggressive program of buying all kinds of fuel efficient delivery vans, including a large fleet of all-electric step vans.

FedEx Express is making rapid progress in fuel efficiency goals, announcing today that the FedEx Express fleet is 16.6 percent more efficient than it was in 2005. This means the company has nearly reached its 2020 goal of 20 percent efficiency improvement (20% by 2020, get it?), which wonders what the company will do as a second act.

The efficiency gains came by converting twenty percent of the FedEx Express diesel vehicle to more efficient and cleaner emission models, ones that comply with 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency diesel emission standards.

“Although we are less than halfway to the end date we set for ourselves, we have achieved 80 percent of our vehicle fuel efficiency goal as of the conclusion of fiscal year 2011, compared to our original baseline set in 2005,” said Mitch Jackson, staff vice president of environmental affairs and sustainability, FedEx Corp. “As a result, we are reevaluating our 2020 goal to potentially raise the standard we originally set out to achieve.”

Dennis Beal, vice president of global vehicles, FedEx Express, said that “By pursuing the most promising avenues of advanced technologies, enlisting multiple experienced manufacturers and optimizing our vehicle operations, FedEx is reducing fuel use and emissions faster than expected.”


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